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4 Tips for Dressing a Baby in Winter

4 Tips for Dressing a Baby in Winter

Dressing your babe in summer feels like a no-brainer - a simple onesie or romper (or, let's be real, just a diaper!) is all they need to be comfy and ready for the day. In winter, however, you have to put more thought into how to dress your little one. They need to be warm enough to be comfortable outdoors, yet not overheating when you get inside. And don't forget about fitting them safely in their car seat! Here are five tips that take the guesswork out of dressing a baby in winter.

1. Layer up

This goes for dressing children of any age in winter, but it applies just as much to babies. The best way to ensure your babe can go comfortably from a warm vehicle into a chilly parking lot and then into a warm house is to layer their clothes and remove layers as needed. A good rule of thumb is to dress your little in one more layer than what you need to feel comfortable. Start with a soft, wicking base layer, then add warmer, more insulating layers as needed. You can find more tips on layering baby clothes here.

2. Opt for easy-on/easy-off options

The only thing worse than having to handle a blowout? Having to handle 4 layers of a blowout. When your babe is bundled up and you find yourself having to do a quick outfit change, you'll be grateful for layers that have easy snaps, velcro, or zippers.

3. Take off coats in the car

It's an extra step, but for your little one's safety, always remove winter coats, bulky outer layers, and any type of blanket before buckling your child into a car seat. Bunched up coats or layers can become a suffocation hazard, and loosening the straps of the car seat to accommodate a coat can lessen the effectiveness of the harness in the event of an accident. Some parents opt to lay a blanket on top of the seat and add the coat after they're out or use a seat cover that's manufacturer approved for your car seat. 

4. Don't forget toes, fingers, and ears

Babies have a harder time maintaining body temperature than adults, so if you're headed outside or will be exposed to the elements, don't forget to keep all your little one's extremities covered. A warm hat with a chin strap and mittens are musts. For little feet, look for a onesie with covered feet, or add warm booties over their socks to keep their toes cozy.

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