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Everything You Need to Know About Layering Baby Clothes

Everything You Need to Know About Layering Baby Clothes

During those in-between months when it's not-quite-cold and not-quite-hot, layering is a great way to get more use out of those baby clothes. After all, you only get a couple months out of baby clothes before they grow out of them, so why let the weather get in the way of enjoying a favorite outfit a few more times? But layering baby clothes is about much more than fashion - it's also about safety and comfort for your little one, especially on those days that go from freezing morning to hot afternoon. Here's everything you need to know about layering baby clothes.

A good rule of thumb

When in doubt, experts recommend putting your baby in one more layer of clothing than what's comfortable for you since they can't exactly tell you if they're getting chilly.

Layer up in the cold

Start with a base layer that's comfortable and can wick away moisture since this layer will be closest to the skin. Cotton is soft and absorbent, but it holds moisture so it's better to opt for something more breathable like merino wool or a quick-drying synthetic. If you're in between seasons, a pair of tights can help shield little legs from the chill. 

Next, add an inner layer for warmth like a sweater, sweatpants, fleece, or a thin sweatshirt.

Finally, an insulating outer layer protects little ones from the elements and seals out the wind during winter. This might be a puffy insulated jacket or snowsuit along with a hat or a hood.

Don't forget hands and feet

Babies' hands and feet - as well as ears and cheeks - are even more susceptible to cold than adults'. Don't forget socks, mittens, and hats, even if pajamas are footie style. Blankets also make a good extra shield from the wind in the stroller or baby carrier. 

Be careful with car seats

Although it's inconvenient to bundle and unbundle when going to and from the car, never put your child in their coat in a car seat. Loosening the shoulder straps to accommodate thick outer layers could lead to the baby slipping out of the seat in the event of an accident. Once your baby is securely in their seat, you can add a blanket on top to keep them cozy. 

For more layering tips, check out our post on transitioning baby clothes from summer to fall!

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