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How to Make a New Mom Care Package

How to Make a New Mom Care Package

So your bestie (or sister-in-law or neighbor or cousin) just had a baby, and you want to do something to show them a little love during this exciting - and often exhausting - time in their life. Going over to visit is always nice, but if you're far away, not feeling well, or you just don't want to overwhelm the family, a care package is a perfect way to help a new mom remember she's not in this alone! Here are a few great items to make a new mom care package and give your favorite new mama a moment for herself!

  1. Anything comfy-cozy for lounging around the house: A pair of fuzzy socks, soft slippers, a feeding-friendly sweatshirt, or a pretty nursing bra are all essentials for long days with a newborn.
  2. A big insulated travel cupFor staying hydrated or just trying to keep that cup of coffee hot without the 5 trips to the microwave to reheat it.
  3. A few little luxuries: This is the perfect time to treat her to a couple of those little luxurious items that she probably doesn't treat herself to often. A pretty candle with an uplifting scent, a nice bar of chocolate, supersoft pajamas, a face mask, anything to help remind her to take a moment for herself during this busy time.
  4. Gift cards for delivery food, grocery delivery, or a meal kit service. For when time and energy to cook are at an all time low.
  5. Homemade healthy treats: You can't go wrong with a little home baked love, and with limited time to spend on making meals, something to give her some extra energy will be much appreciated. Try a jar of homemade granola or a container of breakfast cookies.
  6. Dry shampooTo squeeze another couple days in between hair washings
  7. Nice face/eye cream: To at least look like she's slept in the last month.
  8. Spa gift card: She may not be able to get a few hours away just yet, but a massage, facial, or mani-pedi might be just what she needs with the demanding schedule of a newborn.
  9. A little accessory for her little one: A cute teething accessory,  pacifier clip, or hair bow is a sweet way to show love for the new babe.
  10. And a little accessory for her: A necklace with her baby's initial is a simple and sweet keepsake that's pretty enough for everyday wear.
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