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8 Baby Shower Gift Ideas (you may not have thought of)

8 Baby Shower Gift Ideas (you may not have thought of)

When one of the women in your life is about to step into motherhood, a baby shower is an incredible way to surround them with love, support, advice, and of course...ALL the baby things! The registry is always a good place to start to make sure the essentials are covered, but what if they already have all they need, or if you just want to add a little something extra special to that pack of diapers?

Here are 8 baby shower gift ideas that let your favorite mama-to-be know you're standing alongside her on this new journey into parenthood!

1. A cute zipper bag for all the feeding essentials

Going from the nursery to the living room to the car to a walk in the park means toting all the feeding essentials around - and trying not to forget anything in the process. From pacifiers and baby lotion to lip balm and a hairbrush for mom, a zipper or drawstring bag keeps everything together and ready to toss into a diaper bag. Try a fun pattern or a clear bag for convenience!

2. A bow grab bag

Why decide on one hair bow when you can gift a Bow Grab Bag with a bow for every outfit and occasion? It's the perfect little something special to add a cute touch to a baby shower gift. 

3. A Promptly Childhood Journal

Every new parent wants to document their little one's life and milestones, but it has to be quick and easy in this busy new season. These beautiful journals are minimal and offer short, fun prompts from pregnancy to age 18 to record all the milestones you never want to forget.

4. A home cleaning service

Let's be honest, with a newborn in the house, all most moms want is a little bit of extra time. Anything you can help take off the plate is always welcome, whether it's a cleaning service, or even just a "certificate" for you to babysit so she can have a couple hours of time to herself.

5. A white noise machine

White noise machines are life-savers for helping babies stay asleep, even in a noisy house. It's a bonus if you gift a portable white noise machine for when baby needs to nap at a family get together or on a trip.

6. A pacifier clip (or 5)

Like bobby pins and lip balms, pacifiers always seem to disappear into oblivion. A pretty pacifier clip is super practical but still chic - the perfect addition to a baby shower gift, and perfect to pin onto the gift bag like a bow. 

7. A baby wrap

Because some days you need to cook/clean/walk/take care of business but you still want those baby cuddles. Wraps are pretty, versatile, and allow mama to keep baby comfy totally hands-free! There are tons of options to choose from but you can't go wrong with Wildbird or Solly.

8. A newborn photography session

Newborn photos are such a treasure, but in the chaos of newborn life, it can be hard and sometimes pricey to get a session booked.  Gift the family memories they'll cherish for years to come by booking them a newborn session with a local photographer. (And maybe a sweet outfit for the photoshoot!)

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