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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Baby Photoshoot Outfit

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Baby Photoshoot Outfit

Nothing says equal parts adorable and stress-inducing like trying to get photos of your little one. The ridiculous faces and noises we make to try to get them to look in the right direction, the squishy chunky-cheek smiles, the teeny tiny clothes, the fingers crossed that they don’t decide now is a good time to have a meltdown (or blowout). Whether you’re getting professional family photos or trying to keep up with the monthly update photos of your little one, here are a few tips for picking a perfect baby photoshoot outfit.

How to Pick a Baby Photo Outfit


  1. For newborns, keep it simple.
    While all those new little outfits lined up perfectly in the nursery closet might be calling your name, newborn photos are all about putting the spotlight on your babe. Go for a simple onesie so all the focus is on their features and let a sweet bow or headband be the focal point.
  2. Easy win: neutral romper.
    When in doubt, a neutral-colored romper is a classic choice that looks cute on every babe and never goes out of style. Neutrals keep the spotlight on your baby, while textured fabrics like linen or knits add visual interest. And bonus! It’s a whole outfit in one piece so no need to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms! 

  3. Consider the seasons
    While neutrals are a year-round go-to, outfits are a great way to celebrate the seasons and keep your baby comfortable no matter where you have your photoshoot. Think jewel tone accents for fall, breezy fabrics in the summer, and layers in winter.
  4. Don’t forget accessories: A simple baby photoshoot outfit can be upgraded with statement accessories like baby mary janes, vegan suede bows, or bonnets, but accessories can also be used as props to add extra personality to the scene. Lay a pair of little shoes, a pretty wood teether, or even a favorite book or toy nearby - especially if you’re taking photos of your babe from overhead looking down.

  5. Use outfits to remember special milestones: Outfits are a great way to represent memorable moments in your baby’s first year. You can use a cute teether to represent baby’s first teeth or a cute pair of moccasins to memorialize first steps. You can even coordinate their first birthday photo outfit with the birthday party theme!
where the wild things are baby birthday party outfit
While pretty props and sweet outfits can help set the scene, the most important part of a baby photoshoot is to preserve these special, early moments of your little one’s life that are gone in a blink. Keep it simple, kiss all the squishy cheeks, and take all the pics! 

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