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Baby Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas

Baby Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas


So you're a new parent - or maybe you have one on the way - congrats! This is such an exciting time of anticipation for all the next year will hold as your babe's little personality starts to shine and they hit new milestones. Baby monthly milestone photos are a fun way for parents to document their baby's first year and share all the exciting changes with friends and family. Here are a few of our favorite baby monthly photo ideas and tips to get you inspired!

(P.S. If you're planning a pregnancy announcement, here are some great pregnancy announcement flat lay ideas and tips from a photographer!)

You can't go wrong with a letter board!

Old school felt letter boards are widely available now, and they're an easy thing to add to a baby registry! Just swap out the month number, or add specific new milestones to the board if you feel like changing it up!

Photo: @brookesmith24

Photo: @tanyaa_chaykaa

Get a Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Another fun registry item, you can find a blanket printed with months in almost any theme these days! You can choose one that represents your little one or coordinates with their nursery decor, then just lay them down for an easy photo opp each month (easy, that is, until they get squirmy)!

Photo: @tinaballerina25

Try using favorite items as props

...Or use one favorite stuffed animal in the photo every month so you can see how much they've grown! If your little is suddenly fascinated by a certain toy, can't be without a blanket or pacifier, loves being in a specific swaddle/seat, or has a new favorite food, adding those to the photo is a fun way to commemorate those little pieces of their personality.

Photo: @ilianithag

Photo: @mykindredwild

Get seasonal!

We often remember our babies' milestones by the season they happened in: bundling them up for the first trip to the pumpkin patch, the first holiday together, the warm summer sunshine during the first beach visit. Adding in a few seasonal elements like holiday decorations is a fun way to look back in the years to come and remember what your little was up to this time last year. 

Photo: @loveeexdaliaaa


Looking for outfits for milestone photos? Need help mixing and matching? Shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram - we're happy to help!


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