Summer Hydration Tips for Toddlers

Summer Hydration Tips for Toddlers


☀️ Summer is an exciting time for your family. Your kiddos are home from school, you’re getting ready for family gatherings and vacations, and the days are sunny and warm, making it easier to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. 


But, as your family enjoys everything that summer has to offer, it’s important to make sure your toddler stays hydrated. Warmer temps, more time outdoors, and extra activity can all contribute to dehydration. Realistically, your toddler will need some extra encouragement to help them consume an adequate amount of water and ensure they stay hydrated during the summer months. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful summer hydration tips!


Tip 1: Keep an extra water bottle in your diaper bag, backpack, or purse. This will help you ensure that you have water available whenever your toddler is thirsty, especially when you’re out-and-about, running errands, or on-the-go.


Tip 2: Invest in a high quality, reusable water bottle. If your toddler prefers cold water, make sure to grab an insulated water bottle that will keep water cold for longer periods of time. Reusable water bottles make drinking water more accessible, they help reduce single-use plastics, and they are an environmentally conscious option.


Tip 3: Make water a fun option for your toddler. You can try adding different types of fruit or frozen fruit to their water to give it some fun color and flavor. 


Tip 4: Offer water to your toddler in their favorite sippy cup or a fun bottle/cup with a reusable straw. 


toddler summer hydration tips


Tip 5: Avoid giving your toddler juice, soda, or sports drinks, as these often contain extra sugar and food coloring. If they want a little extra flavor, try squeezing some lemon, lime, or other citrus fruit into their water to give them some natural fruit flavoring. 


Tip 6: Snack on fruits! Summer is a great time to get delicious, fresh fruit. Fruits are an excellent summer snack because they provide water, fiber, and other nutrients that can help support overall health.


Tip 7: Pay attention to your toddler’s urine. Pale yellow urine can be a good indicator or adequate hydration, while bright yellow or darker urine can be an indication of dehydration. 


Tip 8: Electrolyte supplements and drinks can be helpful in maintaining good hydration status, but they may not be necessary for your toddler. If you’re curious about electrolytes, contact your doctor to discuss the best options for your toddler. 


toddler summer hydration tips


Keeping your toddler hydrated is incredibly important. One of the best ways to instill good hydration habits in your toddler, is to model good hydration habits, daily. As a parent, make sure to keep water visible, drink water in front of your toddler, avoid reaching for enticing sodas, juices, or other sugary beverages, and make water your go-to drink. 


And of course, if you’re concerned about your child’s hydration status or think your toddler may be dehydrated, make sure to contact your doctor.

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