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Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Stocking Stuffers for Baby

The holiday season is always full of festive fun, but there’s nothing more memorable than creating holiday traditions with your kids and witnessing the wonder of the season through their eyes. 

For many families, one of those memories is opening stockings on Christmas morning - but when you have little ones, it can be hard to know what stocking stuffers make sense for a baby. After all, until they’re into the toddler stage, they’re happy to just play with the used wrapping paper! Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your baby or just need some little gifts for a family member or friend’s little one, here are some practical and fun ideas.


Teething toys or pacifier clips with teethers attached are always a cute and useful baby stocking stuffer. With lots of fun colors and shapes (like this cute pineapple or cactus), you can choose one to suit their personality - and they look adorable clipped to the outside of a wrapped gift too!

Favorite Snacks

Everyone loves snacks! If your little one is eating any solids or purees, you can toss in a container of puffs, fruit melts, baby food, or even a piece of fruit to cut up for later (avocado anyone?). To this day, everyone in our family still gets an orange in the bottom of their stocking every year!


As anyone who’s ever gotten socks for Christmas knows, almost anything can count as a “present” in December. Luckily, babies aren’t picky gift recipients, so a stocking is the perfect spot to toss in a few practical items that your little one goes through quickly, like pacifiers, a cute new bib, or bath time necessities like soap and lotion. 

Bath Toys

A stocking is also a perfect spot for cute new bath toys. Be sure to choose something that’s easy for little hands to grasp and easy to dry so you never need to worry about mold or mildew. Try a ball like this, or if you have toddlers or older siblings, these little pipes suction to the bathtub walls for lots of bath time fun.

Accessories and Winter Wear

A cute pair of baby shoes, booties, or a hair bow or headband all make perfect baby stocking stuffers. If you live in a cooler climate, stockings are also a great spot for baby mittens, gloves, and hats to keep them cozy all winter. 

Soft toys/blankets

A plush toy, soft blanket, or “lovey,” especially one with a holiday theme, is a cute and festive way to stuff a baby’s stocking. Depending on their age, you could also opt for a seasonal patterned swaddle that will always remind you of this special time. 

Sensory Toys

Whether it’s something to keep them busy during tummy time or a clip-on toy to keep them entertained in the stroller, sensory toys to support baby’s brain development make perfect stocking stuffers. Depending on their age, it’s easy to find a variety of options - from rattles to crinkle toys to balls and plush toys - that suit the stage your little is in.

Looking for a cute baby stocking stuffer? Check out our selection of teethers and bows!

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