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Packing for Summer Trips with a Baby: Tips and List

Packing for Summer Trips with a Baby: Tips and List

The arrival of summer often means vacations, family reunions, trips for weddings, and maybe even a camping trip or two! And all those trips can mean a serious amount of packing! Even though you know what your little one typically needs day to day, when it comes time to put it all into suitcases and get out the door on time, it can be hard to get rid of that nagging "What am I forgetting?" feeling. 

Here's a simple checklist and a few tips to help take the stress out of packing for summer trips with a baby!


  • The week before your trip, start making a list in your phone of the baby items you use each day, or start leaving items out in one spot as you use them rather than putting them all away. As you do laundry, start setting aside the outfits you plan to pack for your babe, as well to avoid the last minute laundry rush. 

  • Use zip top bags or packing cubes to pack baby outfits together - onesie, bottoms, socks, shoes etc. so you can avoid digging around for what you need.
  • Prep your carry-on or diaper bag with a couple of outfit changes for your baby (and parents!) and plenty of diapers in case of mid-travel leaky diapers or spit up.
  • Don't try to pack for every possible scenario, and if possible, restock diapers at your destination. Unless you're headed somewhere super remote or going camping, chances are you can grab any forgotten essentials when you arrive.

Packing List:

  • Outfits for as many days as you're travelling (or less if you'll have access to laundry). Here are some cute options for warm weather destinations!
  • Diapers (plan for one diaper per hour of travel) and any diaper essentials you typically use at home - wipes, diaper rash cream, etc.
  • A portable or disposable changing pad or even a dedicated blanket to use in place of changing pad
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Any feeding supplies needed such as bottles, lightweight plastic utensils, formula, water, milk, juice, or baby food (Note: any reasonable quantities of breastmilk or formula are exempt from the TSA 3oz rule and cooling packs are allowed)
  • Blanket for covering a stroller, laying your baby on, breastfeeding, or just extra warmth on chilly flights
  • Extra pacifiers, a pacifier clip (travel seems to be a black hole for pacifiers), and teething toys as needed
  • A few favorite toys to help keep your babe entertained en route (but remember that almost anything can be a "toy" for a baby)
  • Pack and Play or portable crib. If you're staying at a hotel, you can call ahead to reserve these in a hotel room 
  • Car seat and collapsible stroller OR sling, baby backpack, or baby carrier to free up your hands for luggage
  • Masking or duct tape to help babyproof a room if your little one is on the move
  • Extra resealable bags for everything from dirty diapers to wet clothes
  • Baby passport if travelling overseas (yep - even babies require passports!)

If you find you've forgotten something, no need to panic! Most destinations have a place to buy any essentials, or you can always ask another parent for an extra wipe or diaper if needed. You got this, mama! Safe travels!

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