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Modern Baby Gifts for the Minimalist Mama

Modern Baby Gifts for the Minimalist Mama

Have you ever been at a baby shower and you see the SAME EXACT THINGS on repeat as the mom to be is opening gifts? Sure, the sentiment is wonderful, but for moms with simple style it can probably be a little overwhelming at the same time. Here at Babe Basics, we love creating bundles of coordinating pieces that all make our neutral mama hearts SWOON. 

Here are some of our go to selections to pair together for the perfect baby bundle regardless of where your budget may be:

Beehive Teething Rattles
These sleek and simple teething rattles are designed with safety in mind. Featuring double knotting and only smooth edges in order to maximize safety they are the perfect addition to your baby gift bundle for the mama to be.
Made from food grade silicone and natural untreated beechwood, these teething rattles will leave you rest assured that your baby is both safe and entertained at the same time.
Knotted Baby Gowns
Our bamboo knotted baby gowns are as soft as BUTTER. They are the perfect gift as they grow with baby and last for months and months! Available in 5 different colors: Grey, White, Rust, Rose and Black - these gowns are a shower gift must have for both boys and girls alike.

Silicone Paci and Teether Clips

Another crowd favorite is our silicone pacifier and teether clips. Help your mama friend avoid tiny hands from tossing pacis and teethers on the dirty floor with these neutral and easy to clean silicone and bamboo clips.



Silicone Bibs

Let's face it - little ones are downright MESSY. These silicone bibs are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only are they insanely easy to clean but they have such a long lifespan compared to cloth bibs! Available in a wide range of colors these are a perfect option for your curated baby basket.

Baby Lounge Sets

Last (but certainly not least) our baby lounge sets are a perfect gift option for any babe on the way.  Available in both Sand and Pistachio, our waffle knit lounge set is made of soft cotton and features a scoop neck tank top and shorties. The shorties have an elastic waistband to allow for a comfortable fit. We love this simple yet stylish set, perfect for any little baby boy or girl.

So we're dying to know, which of these gifting essentials are you adding to cart for your next upcoming baby shower?


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