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How to Organize Baby Clothing

How to Organize Baby Clothing



As a parent, it may feel like laundry is a full-time job. The reality is, babies go through a lot of clothing. Spills, accidents, and messes mean numerous outfit changes each day, and your baby’s rapid growth means they are constantly outgrowing their clothing.


To help save yourself time and money, and to prevent you from doing an insane amount of laundry each week, it’s important to organize your little one’s wardrobe.  The first step in getting organized is to go through all of your baby’s clothing. That means taking inventory of what you have in their drawers, closet, and any storage bins. Once you’ve pulled everything out, you can begin organizing by category.


How to Organize Baby Clothing


Staple Pieces

To begin organizing your little one’s clothing, put aside any staple pieces. These could be neutral onesies that you can easily pair with other articles of clothing, basic tops and bottoms that are easy to put on and take off, or any other items that your babe can wear on a weekly basis. These items should be stored in the most accessible places, such as in the top dresser drawers or the front of the closet.


Current Clothing 

Next, you will want to put aside items of clothing that your babe can wear during the current season. For warmer months, make sure to grab shorts, rompers, tanks, and clothing made from breathable materials. For the colder months, think layers, such as sweaters, long sleeve shirts, knit tights, etc. You will also want to place current seasonal clothing in easily accessible places, such as in the top dresser drawers, the front of the closet, etc.


How to Organize Baby Clothing


Seasonal Clothing

Organizing your babe’s clothing by season can free up space in their closet, drawers, and bins, and make it easier for you to find the right clothing for each season. When organizing seasonal pieces, you’ll want to place items in labeled bins or containers that can be stored in the back of your baby’s closet, on high shelves, or in additional home storage spaces. Make sure to label each box or bin with the season, or the type of clothing that is located within it. 


Clothing For Future Children

Thinking about growing your family in the future? Setting aside clothing for future children is a great way to help you keep your baby’s clothing organized. Because babies are constantly growing, they outgrow their clothing very quickly. That means that the majority of pieces will remain in excellent condition and can be reused for future children. Storing baby clothing in stackable bins, sealed boxes, or additional storage spaces can help free-up space in your baby’s closet and drawers, making it easier to keep their wardrobe organized. Saving baby clothing can also help you save money and reduce textile waste, and give you a chance to dress your future children in some of the adorable outfits you love most.  


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