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How to Organize Baby Clothes

How to Organize Baby Clothes

Organizing your own closet is enough of a challenge; organizing a closet full of suddenly-outgrown onesies and little rompers that "they'll grow into" and tiny socks that are almost constantly missing their counterparts feels borderline impossible. Whether you're trying to organize all those baby shower gifts, digging through hand-me-downs as you welcome another baby to the family, or just doing some spring cleaning, here are 9 ways to organize baby clothes and simplify your daily routine.

Put Bigger Sizes in Storage to Start

Rather than trying to organize every piece of clothing your little has, organize all the sizes into piles, then put anything that doesn't fit your babe right now into storage bins organized by size. For nicer clothing that you'd like to hang up rather than store in bins, see the tip about Closet Dividers below.

Have an Occasional Purge Day

As soon as you notice that all clothes of a certain size are becoming too snug and it's time to size up, take a couple hours to purge all clothes of that size out of the closet and drawers and put them into storage all together. Even if a few items still fit, it's easier to do all at once rather than trying to remember to get clothes out of storage and throw a few more items in over a few weeks. Fill the drawers and closet with the next size up. Then when it's time to pass the clothes along to a friend or a future babe, they're all nicely organized by size and you're not left with random items floating around your laundry rotation for weeks. 

Get Closet Dividers

The hardest part of keeping baby clothes organized - especially if you have more than one little - is keeping track of what fits who and when. Babies outgrow clothing quickly, and many of us receive gifts and hand-me-downs, or spot a cute item on sale that's a couple sizes too big. If baby clothes aren't properly organized, it can be easy to forget what you have on hand for different seasons and sizes. Closet dividers like these allow you to separate outfits by size or type so you can see at a glance what you have and what you might need.

Image via Etsy

Add an Extra Hanging Rod

If your nursery closet doesn't already have two tiers of hanging space, use a cheap tension rod to add a second section for hanging little clothes. Baby clothes don't take up much vertical space, so this allows you to take advantage of every square inch of closet capacity. 

Hang Some Baskets

This easy hack is an affordable way to use closet space efficiently. Let's face it - we don't always have time to nicely fold and hang every piece of baby clothing and accessories. These bins make it easy to toss small items like shoes, swimsuits, swaddles, extra diapers etc. in a central spot that you can pull down if needed. All you need are plastic crates and cup hooks to fasten them to the hanging rod.

Via Reality Daydream

Stock up on Clothespins

Clothespins are cheap (check your dollar store!) but super effective for keeping all kinds of tiny clothing together. Use them to clip bottoms to coordinating tops on hangers, clip together socks or swimsuit pieces, or even clip accessories to a board (see tip below).

DIY Drawer Dividers

Rather than splurge on pricey drawer dividers, you can make your own with cardboard and contact paper. Not a DIY person? Stick an ornament box or small plastic bins right in the dresser drawer. Once you've made your dividers, you can roll up coordinating outfits in each section, or divide drawers into sections for socks, bibs, onesies, tops, bottoms, etc.

Image via The Homes I Have Made

Create an Accessory Board

If you find that all those cute bows, head wraps, and pacifier clips are going to waste because they're all tangled together in a drawer or scattered across the house, try making or buying an accessory board. Use dollar store clothespins to display those sweet accessories on the wall so that all it takes is a quick glance to find the perfect finishing touch for an outfit!

Attach Mesh Laundry Bags to the Hamper

Rather than toss all those little socks and bibs into the hamper where they can get lost in the shuffle (ever found a tiny sock static-clinging inside the leg of your yoga pants?), toss small items into a mesh laundry bag to keep them corralled during washing. 

Image Credit: Two Twenty One

Use a Hanging Shoe Rack

Those back-of-door hanging shoe racks are goof for more than just adult shoes! Use them to tuck outfits, bibs, accessories, diapers, baby blankets, baby-wearing slings, or little shoes. You'll be surprised how much they can hold!

Image via Reddit

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