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Easy Last Minute Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes

Easy Last Minute Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes

Look, we all have high hopes when it comes to getting our littles' Halloween costumes planned, prepped, and ready to go by October 1, but sometimes kid life hits hard and you find yourself a couple weeks out with nothing planned. Fear not! These four easy last minute baby and toddler Halloween costumes require minimal craftiness and many of the pieces are Amazon Prime-able so your little can be trick-or-treat ready in no time!

1. Cute as a Bunny

Just pair a neutral romper like our Ruffle Sleeve Romper shown here with knee socks, Mary Janes, and a bunny bonnet (available from Etsy sellers or Spearmint Love). Bonus for long sleeves and warm ears if you live in a colder climate!

Photo: Instagram @taylorgrav

2. Little Scarecrow

Dress your little in a pair of overalls, any plaid or button-down shirt, a sun hat, and a pair of Oxfords or moccasins. Raid that craft closet or the craft section at the store for a bit of burlap, buttons, and rustic ribbon to add accents. A bit of hay at the seams tops off the look!

Photo: Instagram @butfirstjoyce

3. Max from Where the Wild Things Are

All you need to pull off this costume based on the classic children's book is a romper with buttons and a felt crown! You can get more detailed by adding a faux fur tail, but it's just as cute when you keep it simple.

Photo: Instagram @lizzie_a_brandon

Photo: A Night Owl Blog

4. Picture Perfect Puppy

Or really, almost any animal! A neutral colored outfit that you already have + a pair of ears makes for an adorable and super low-maintenance Halloween costumer for your toddler or baby. Bonus points for matching the family pet!

Photo: Instagram @erikadale

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