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Coming Home Outfits: What Should a Newborn Wear Home From the Hospital?

As your due date approaches and you pack your hospital bag, one of the essentials is deciding what your newborn should wear home from the hospital. While there are plenty of days ahead to dress your babe in all those cute outfits waiting in the closet and dresser drawers, the day you bring your little one home is a milestone for many families - it’s the moment it truly sets in that this baby is now part of your family! It’s also often the day you take those first few photos of your little one. So how do you decide what outfit is worthy of the occasion?

Tips for Choosing a Coming Home Outfit

What size should I get?

While healthcare providers can give you an estimate of your baby’s size and weight, it’s not always accurate when they finally make their big debut. Newborn sized clothing is a safe bet as it will generally fit most babies 5-9 pounds (though probably only for a few days if your babe is at the top end of that scale). If for any reason you expect your baby to be premature or larger than 8-9 pounds, you could consider bringing a newborn size and one size larger or smaller just in case. 

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What baby clothes work with a car seat?

An important consideration for the coming home outfit is whether your little one can be safely buckled into their car seat while wearing it. No matter the weather, bulky or puffy clothing like coats or snow suits should be removed before placing baby in a car seat. Similarly, long gowns such as a knotted gown should be untied so that baby’s legs are fully exposed before buckling. You can always lay a blanket over your baby’s legs after they’re all buckled in if extra warmth is needed.

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What clothing styles are easiest for a newborn?

As you recover from birth, settle in with your new babe, and handle the every-two-hours diaper changes, the last thing you want to do is deal with a million tiny buttons or anything fussy - especially in the middle of the night. Opt for something cute, but easy to get on and off. Comfort is also key, so choose soft, breathable, and cozy fabrics that will help soothe your baby.

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What Should a Newborn Wear Home?

The coming home outfit will depend on the weather and climate, but there are still some general guidelines.

  • No matter the weather, be sure to pack socks (or footed bottoms)
  • You'll also want a soft hat as newborns lose a lot of heat and can’t control body temperature well
  • Bring a blanket or two to wrap them up in while in the hospital and to cover their legs in the car seat if needed. 
  • Don't forget the accessories! If you're hoping to snap a few cute photos in the hospital or birthing center, a cute pacifier clip, hat, or bow headband are great ways to dress up a basic onesie!

For winter or chilly weather: zipper or snap footed pajamas are a good choice, and they come in tons of patterns, colors, and fabrics to suit your style

For warmer climates: a onesie or romper might suffice on its own, or you can pair it with soft cotton or knit bottoms.


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