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Best Parenting Podcasts: Our Top 10 Picks

Best Parenting Podcasts: Our Top 10 Picks

Raising small humans isn't always easy. Sometimes you just wish you had someone there (besides your toddler) to help you navigate tricky parenting situations, ease your "uhh, is this normal?!" concerns, or maybe just pour you a glass of wine and tell you that they've been there and they get it. While we can't give you all of those, podcasts are a pretty great alternative, and they're an amazing resource for handling this whole mom thing like a pro! Next time you're on a walk, running errands, or working on things around the house, try out one of our top 10 picks for the best parenting podcasts.

  1. Unruffled: If you've ever felt like you're one toddler meltdown away from locking yourself in the bathroom for the next 2 years, Janet Lansbury's soothing, reassuring advice is here to save the day. From discipline to developmental concerns, Janet Lansbury will give you super practical, specific advice on how to get challenges under control and stay calm, cool, and collected in the process. 
  2. The Mom Hour: If you find yourself wishing you could sit down to coffee with a wise, kind friend who's already been there and figured it out, this is the podcast for you! The weekly conversations between Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers (who have eight kids between them) combine their own experiences with practical tips for "busy moms who want to enjoy the parenting journey and cut back on comparison, worry and stress."
  3. The Purpose Show: Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? The Purpose Show is all about simplifying, embracing a minimal-ish lifestyle, and and embracing motherhood with more intention and joy! No more counting the minutes till bedtime! 
  4. The Longest Shortest TimeIf you're into more story-focused podcasts, The Longest Shortest Time features stories about parenthood in all its forms. It's hosted by This American Life contributor Hillary, so it's got a little of everything - insight, humor, inspiration, everyday parents, and expert advice.
  5. Mother Like a BossThis podcast has you covered when it comes to all those things that go along with parenting - organization, cooking, cleaning, and generally keeping the household running smoothly. Mother Like a Boss gives you and your family the tools to cultivate "a home that feels inspired, that feels safe, that feels like the warmest place in the world to you and your family, perfection not needed." 
  6. What Fresh Hell: Let's be honest - when it comes to parenthood, sometimes if you don't laugh you'll cry. And this one will definitely have you laughing. Moms and stand-up comics Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables chat about clutter, sleep training, discipline, and other everyday topics with a healthy dose of humor.
  7. Not Just Cute: This podcast was founded on the idea that children's activities don't have to just be cute - they can be intentional and support whole child development. In their words, "it’s like a laid-back, nerdy conversation with one of your favorite mom friends.  A friend who happens to specialize in child development."
  8. We Knows Parenting: Beth Newell and Peter McNerney are like you and your partner if you were both comedians. You'll definitely laugh along with their relatable stories of the highs and lows of parenting, and possibly wish you were friends in real life.
  9. Mom BrainAs hosts Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz say, mom life is "Equal parts FUN and WTF." Listen in as they chat with their favorite doctors, experts, and mom friends about figuring out this whole raising a kid thing together. 
  10. Risen MotherhoodIf you're looking for a biblical spin on parenting and mom life, Risen Motherhood covers day-to-day topics (from potty training to miscarriage) through a lens of faith. 
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