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Baby Clothes for Minimalists - 10 Pieces You Need for a Newborn

Baby Clothes for Minimalists - 10 Pieces You Need for a Newborn

Moms are always looking for ways to simplify, and purging excess clutter from the house is a great way to start. Paring down your own closet is challenging enough, but when it comes to kids, it can be even harder. After all, babies grow quickly, are prone to needing more than one outfit every day, and have an endless array of temptingly adorable clothing pieces available. Even so, babies often need less than what lists on Pinterest might lead you to believe, especially if you choose pieces that mix and match well. Here are ten pieces of clothing your baby needs if you're looking to keep things minimal.

Before you start: Pick out a color scheme. If you want to invest in fewer pieces of clothing, make sure they coordinate well so you can easily mix and match to create dozens of outfits. See what colors tend to catch your eye, whether it's neutrals, jewel tones, blues and grays, or another palette.

  1. Solid bodysuits: Start with the basics. Depending on how often you want to do laundry, you'll probably need 8-12 bodysuits to accommodate for blowouts, spitup, and spares to stash in the diaper bag. Short sleeve are extra versatile, but be sure to grab a few long sleeve for chilly days, as well - babies have a harder time maintaining body temperature than adults.
  2. Sleepers: Again, depending on how often you intend to do laundry, 6-8 sleepers should cover most babes. Many parents love the one-piece zipper sleepers or knotted gowns for easy dressing and diaper changes.
  3. Rompers: Sure, newborn life is mostly sleeping and eating, but it's hard to resist the fun of getting a few special pieces for your babe. Get 3-5 versatile rompers that can be dressed up or down for days when you're out and about, special occasions, family photos, or events. These can easily be layered with long sleeves, sweaters, or tights if more warmth is needed. 
  4. Bloomers or Shorts: Sure, a onesie is an all-in-one outfit, but if you want to jazz things up a little, grab a few pairs of bloomers or shorts. They're the perfect easy layer with a bodysuit for a warmer weather outfit.
  5. Leggings or Pants: Similarly, a few pairs of leggings or other soft pants are a great way to layer and mix things up when it comes to your babe's style. 
  6. Cardigan or Jacket: For those chilly mornings or an over air-conditioned store, it's always good to have a cardigan or warm jacket. Choose something soft and easy to wash, and opt for at least one that has a hood for more versatility.
  7. Socks: These are an essential, but be sure to have 6-10 pairs to keep little feet warm when you leave home. For girls, it can also be helpful to have a pair of tights for layering with rompers in colder months.
  8. Bows (for girls): Just because you're simplifying your little one's wardrobe, that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with accessories! Bows are the perfect way to dress up an otherwise minimal or basic outfit. Get a variety so you can change things up - we love this bow grab bag!
  9. Hats: No matter the season, it's smart to keep at least 1-2 hats on hand to keep your babe's ears and head warm and cozy.
  10. Outdoor gear as needed: Depending on what time of year your babe is born and the climate where you live, you may also need outdoor gear. Don't forget a swimsuit, coat, winter playsuit, thicker booties, little mittens, or waterproof jacket if needed.
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