Are Tights Good for Babies?

Are Tights Good for Babies?

If your baby's wardrobe is full of dresses and rompers, tights are a great way to extend the life of an outfit into colder seasons. Babies aren't able to regulate their body temperature as well as adults, so a good rule of thumb is that your baby should usually wear at least one more layer than what's comfortable for you. Plus, keeping baby socks on those little feet can feel nearly impossible - and tights stay on securely when they fit well! That makes tights a practical (and cute) choice for chilly days.

Can you put tights on newborns?

Yes! You can put tights on newborns, and newborn sized tights are available at many stores. When possible, check the size guide/measurements as newborns can vary greatly in size and newborn tights may run large.

When in doubt, size up slightly as you never want the waistband to dig into your baby's belly, and you'll want to make sure there's room for a diaper underneath. Plus, as a newborn, your baby won't be on the move very much, so there's less concern about tights falling down or causing your baby to slip on hard floors.

If you find it's too difficult to get tights onto your newborn (or those adorable rolls make the fit too tight), you can always try stockings for a similar look.

How do you use baby tights?

The most common use of baby tights is under a dress or tunic, but there are lots of other cute ways to layer them! Baby rompers, especially "bubble" rompers, look adorable with tights layered underneath. A typical baby bodysuit or onesie can also be layered with tights or leggings for extra warmth and tights are a great way to make an outfit work for one more season.

Do tights go under or over a onesie?

Tights should go over the diaper and under the onesie. Thicker knit pants like baby leggings can be worn over a onesie, but true tights are meant to be layered underneath other clothes and help to cover up a diaper.

How do you get tights on a baby?

It's easier than you might expect to get tights on a baby - especially when they're younger and less wiggly! Just roll them up, stick your baby's feet in, then roll them back up their body. 

Are Tights Good for Babies? The Bottom Line

Yes, tights are good for babies. Not only can they help keep little legs and feet warm on chilly days, but they can also be a cute and practical way to accessorize an outfit. Depending on the weather, you can opt for thicker knit tights or a thinner nylon tight. Just be sure to choose a size that fits your baby's waist and legs comfortably without too much constriction.

Babe Basics Knit Tights come in lots of cute colors, fit snuggly while still offering plenty of space for a diaper, and are a great knit material that helps keep little legs warm. 



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