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Are Baby Bows Safe?

Are Baby Bows Safe?

It only takes a quick search of "baby outfits" on Pinterest to see that baby bows, headbands, and headwraps are among the most popular accessories for little ones. While they sometimes serve as a way to keep little heads and ears warm, more often they're just a fun way to add a stylish touch to your babe's outfit. While the cuteness factor can't be denied, many parents wonder - are baby bows safe for my child's head?

Are Baby Bows Dangerous?

Bows are typically safe, but like any baby accessory, toy, or teether, it's best to use supervision and good judgement.

The most important safety note in regards to baby bows: always take them off for naptime and bedtime. It may not seem like a big deal, but as your little one shifts, the fabric or elastic of a bow can become a suffocation or even strangulation hazard. Bottom line: keep the accessories for outside the crib.

How Do I Know if a Baby Bow is Too Tight?

Another concern many parents and caretakers have is whether a baby bow or headband is squeezing their baby's head too tightly. After all, despite babies being only about 5% of their adult weight at birth, their heads are typically half their adult size by 9 months! That's a lot of noggin, and babies have soft spots on their head to allow for all that brain growth in the first year of life.

There are a few ways to know if a baby bow is too tight. First, if your baby seems more fussy, begins to cry, or keeps taking the bow off, chances are she's uncomfortable in it. You also shouldn't have to stretch a bow or headband too far to get it onto their head comfortably. While a bow that leaves a light mark that goes away quickly (like you'd see after taking off baby's socks) is usually fine, a baby bow should never leave deep indents or red marks on baby's head.

On the other hand, you never want to use a bow that's loose enough to constantly slide down onto baby's neck, so it's better to err on the side of smaller baby bows or wait for them to grow into larger sizes. If you have concerns, consider using bows with a wide, soft headband for the first 6+ months until baby's skull is more solid or consult your pediatrician.

What Baby Bows Are Most Comfortable?

Nylon headbands

If you're looking for a variety of cute colors, fabrics, and sizes of baby bows to change up your babe's look, nylon baby headbands with attached bows are perfect! They give you all the style of a clip-in bow with no hair required, plus they're soft and super stretchy for little heads. 

We love these linen bow and faux leather bow nylon headbands, or the grab bag for something to suit every occasion!

Wide cotton or knit headbands

A wide headband with a classic bow or knot is cute and extra comfortable for your little one. Look for cotton/spandex or soft nylon blends for the best fit, and consider looking for machine washable versions. 

Head wraps or top knots 

If you want a more customizable fit and coverage, a baby headwrap, turban, or topknot that can be retied might be just the ticket! Not only are they stylish, but also can help provide extra warmth or protection for your babe's head if needed. Check out Top Knots for full coverage versions or this headband version from Amazon.

Are Baby Bows Safe: The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, baby bows are quite safe when sized properly and worn under supervision. Today's bows are offered in lots of soft fabrics for comfort and lots of styles to suit any babe's preferences. Take them off for sleeping, ensure a comfortable fit, and soak in allllll the cuteness. 

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Emily McGeorge - September 12, 2023

The bows I’ve stumbled upon were safe, I understand your concern, and I’m glad you are spreading awareness, but overall materials and sizes make the difference. My niece was always wearing a headband from: and they were always top tier.

Susan Yekani - December 7, 2021

My daughter in law used always a head band with bow for 11 months her daughter I want be sure this head bands are safe for my grandchild skulls or she have to stoped using that.

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