We're on Amazon!

Today is such a big day for Babe Basics and a day I've been waiting to share with y'all for weeks!

We're on Amazon! 

Right now, only our new leather baby moccasins are available for free 2-day prime shipping here, but I'm hoping to expand the product collection in the next few weeks. Bows will likely come next, followed by other accessories. 

Our storefront is here, so if you're reading this article in a few weeks, you may be able to select more than just the mocs!

I get how long 12-20 days can seem, so I'm really excited to be able to offer you this super fast shipping so you can get your hands on our sweet products as quickly as possible! 

Thank you so much for your business; you're making this girl's dreams come true, and I'm so grateful for every dollar that helps me grow my little business. 

xo, Melissa

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