Loop Giveaways

Loop Giveaways

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Looking to increase your social media following? Loop giveaways are a great way to connect with new followers who could be interested in your shop, blog, brand, Instagram page, etc!

All sponsors of this giveaway loop post the same image and caption at the exact same time on their Instagram pages and tag the next person in the loop. To enter the giveaway, followers must follow each person, like the image, and comment on the post until the loop is completed. So you'd gain all these "entries" in the form of followers, and the Instagram algorithm recognizes the exposure on your account from likes/comments and your page visibility is boosted.   


  • Direct messages with detailed instructions, scripts, and photos are sent out 24 hours before the giveaway. Please check your requested messages, especially if we are not following each other! If you DO NOT have the info at 9:30pm EST the night before, please direct message @basicloops ASAP to let us know.
  • No refunds. 
  • Please do not pay for a giveaway if you have another the same night.  
  • No posting another photo for 2 hours after we post.
  • We have a mandatory repost the day after the giveaway goes live and a mandatory Instagram story post on day 2. If you do not post, we will skip you on the original post.
  • Check-in is required via direct message the day before the giveaway. If you do not check in 10 minutes before the giveaway begins, you may be skipped.
  • If you show up late the day of the giveaway and do not post on time, we add you to the giveaway the following morning.
  • By visiting this site and paying for our giveaways, you agree to our rules above.  

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