Babe Bucks Reward Program

If you follow us on any social media channel or subscribe to our emails, you may have seen posts about our Babe Bucks reward program. I wanted to take a few seconds to write about this in a little more detail, so you can know exactly what you're signing up for and why this benefits you! 

Our Babe Bucks reward program is our way of rewarding our best customers and advocates of our brand -- you can earn points for various activities and cash them in for money off your purchases. 

500 points = $5 discount
1000 points = $10 discount 
2500 points = $25 discount


There are tons of different ways you can earn these points. Some examples include: 

Creating an account: 200 points 
Sharing content on Facebook or Twitter: 50 points
Like on Facebook: 100 points
Follow on Instagram: 100 points 
Celebrate a birthday: 200 points 
Making a purchase: 1 point earned for every $1 spent

As you can see, it's pretty easy to hit 500 points really quickly! It's also very likely that you'll soon be able to earn additional points for reviewing products you have purchased.

In addition, our Babe Bucks rewards program allows you to be rewarded for referring your friends! Within your profile, you'll have a unique link you can share on your social media page or blog. When friends or followers click on this link, they'll be offered a 30% off coupon, and you'll receive a $5 off discount as a thank you! 

To sign up, click the blue "Earn Babe Bucks" popup at the bottom right of your screen if you are on a computer or the blue plus sign at the bottom of your mobile device.

As always, please DM or email with any questions you have. I'm so grateful for each and every order, photo, and message we receive, and I can't wait to reward you!

xo, Melissa


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